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Up Antiphospholipid syn Polyarteritis nodosa SLE Wegener's

Wegener’s granulomatosis

Necrotizing granulomatous inflammation that affects small and medium sized blood vessels, upper and lower respiratory tract, and kidneys

Clinical features


- involved in 25-50%
- conjunctivitis, episcleritis, scleritis, uveitis, vasculitis of retina, optic neuritis, occlusion of central retinal artery
- proptosis due to granulomatous pseudotumours of the orbit


- conductive or sensorineural deafness
- otitis; may lead to mastoiditis
- persistent nasal congestion
- nasal mucosal thickening
- ulceration and crusting of nasal mucosa; may lead to perforation of septum and facial bone destruction
- chondritis of nose leads saddle nose deformity
- subglottic region is most frequently involved area of tracheobronchial tree. Ulcerative lesions may lead to subglottic stenosis causing respiratory distress. May be confused with asthma


- usually asymptomatic
- single/multiple nodules or masses (+/- cavitation) are most frequent manifestations
- pulmonary infiltrates rare and should alert clinician to the possibility of alveolar haemorrhage
- pleural effusion in 10%


- usual form of involvement is a focal segmental glomerulonephritis
- if untreated renal involvement may progress to irreversible renal insufficiency


- urticarial lesions
- papules
- vesicles
- erythema
- petechiae
- ulcerative lesions
- pyoderma gangrenosum


- migratory arthralgias involving single or multiple joints
- symmetrical polyarthritis


- mononeuritis multiplex
- cranial nerve palsies


- requires histological proof for definitive diagnosis
- positive cytoplasmic staining antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody test has specificity of > 90% for Wegener's
- mild normochromic, normocytic anaemia
- thrombocytosis in about 1/3
- WCC usually normal, occasionally elevated
- ESR and CRP raised
- high titres of rheumatoid factor in 1/2
- urinalysis: red cells and casts in those with renal involvement
- sinus XR
- CXR abnormal in 55-95% of cases


- cyclophosphamide and prednisone orally
- IV boluses of cyclophosphamide for those not controlled with oral regime

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