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West Nile virus

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  • Flavivirus
  • Bird virus with mosquito vector (at least 49 species)
  • Closely related to St Louis encephalitis virus.
  • Also related to yellow fever and dengue viruses


  • Through most of North America
  • Africa
  • Southern Europe
  • Risk of severe encephalitis and of death higher in patients >60 years
  • Commonest transfusion related disease in USA

Clinical features

  • 80% asymptomatic
  • West Nile fever
    • primarily young adults
  • acute flaccid paralysis
    • middle aged patients (40-65)
    • similar clinical syndrome to acute poliomyelitis
    • respiratory failure in ~1/3. May be persistent
    • long term prognosis poor
  • encephalitis. May be severe
    • only ~30% discharged to independent living
    • >50% have neurological impairment at 1 year


  • no proven treatment
  • trials of ribavirin and specific immunoglobulin on-going



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