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Specimens for RT-PCR

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Nasopharyngeal wash/aspirate

  1. position patient in sitting position with head slightly tilted back
  2. instill 1.5 ml sterile saline (without preservative) into one nostril
  3. flush plastic catheter or tubing (eg mucus trap tubing) with 2-3 ml saline
  4. insert tubing into nostril parallel to palate
  5. aspirate nasopharyngeal secretions and collect in mucus trap
  6. repeat for other nostril

Naso- or oro-pharyngeal swab

  • use sterile dacron/rayon swabs with plastic shafts
  • nasopharyngeal
    • insert swab into nostril as far as palate
    • leave in place for a few seconds
    • repeat for other nostril
  • oropharyngeal
    • swab posterior pharynx and deep inside throat, avoiding tongue
  • place each swab in tube containing virus transport media immediately
  • break off end of shaft and close tube tightly

Adapted from Hong Kong Hospital Authority guidelines on the laboratory diagnosis of SARS, revised on 9th January 2004

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