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Learning acute medicine with S-BEL (Simulator-based experiential learning)

S-BEL is a teaching package designed to teach medical students or junior doctors how to manage acute illness. The full package consists of preparatory material, electronic lectures and SimMan based simulator scenarios.

The S-BEL module was developed by the Dept of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care and Diagnostic Radiology and Organ Imaging, The Chinese University of Hong Kong with the assistance of a Teaching Development Grant.

The structure of the S-BEL module is as follows

  • Preparation - Manual and accompanying CD-rom delivered to students two weeks prior to scenario exposure
    • The manual has 10 chapters introducing students to knowledge required for the recognition and management of acute illness and provides some knowledge on topics related to the scenarios that have been developed
    • The accompanying CD-rom includes high resolution radiological images to accompany the manual, and five supplementary electronic recorded lectures on core topics.
  • Simulation – student groups of 4-6
    • Acute medicine scenarios of approximately 10-15 minutes duration each
    • Each student group repeats the scenario until each member has had an opportunity to be a team leader/in charge doctor
    • Debriefing/feedback using recorded material requires 60-90 minutes per group
    • Each group requires approximately 4-5 hours to successfully complete the scenario teaching and debriefing
  •  Costs and requirements to run an S-BEL package
    • No licence or other fees are charged for the use of the teaching package, however some conditions for free use of the package must be agreed prior to use
    • It is necessary to access to a SimMan simulator to be able to run the scenarios
    • All materials required to teach the S-BEL module can be requested by contacting Gavin Joynt at 

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