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BASIC instructor/provider course, Hong Kong, July 2nd-4th
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Running BASIC courses

Please note that this course is not in any way connected to the British Association of Intermediate Care (BASICS)


  • Course textbook, mailed to participants prior to the course

  • CD-ROM containing electronic tutorial/lectures

  • Pre-course MCQ-based formative assessment

  • 2-3 day course consisting of lectures, skill stations and tutorials taught by Intensive Care specialists, with an emphasis on a practical approach to management of critically ill patients

  • Post-course MCQ test

Target audience

  • Junior ICU doctors with little ICU experience

  • Senior trainees in medicine, surgery or emergency medicine

  • Senior ICU nurses


Not all topics will be covered in all courses

  • airway management

  • acute respiratory failure

  • mechanical ventilation

    • basics

    • common modes

    • settings

    • troubleshooting

    • specific conditions

  • haemodynamic monitoring

  • management of shock

  • severe sepsis

  • interpretation of arterial blood gases

  • transport of critically ill patients

  • severe trauma

  • neurological emergencies

  • oliguria & acute renal failure

  • cardiopulmonary resuscitation

  • arrhythmias

  • nutrition

  • sedation and analgesia

  • venous thromboembolic disease

  • stress ulceration

  • cardiovascular and respiratory physiology

  • poisoning

  • cardiac disease

  • metabolic & electrolyte disturbances

Intensive Care specialists who are interested in running BASIC courses should click here. From 2009 all courses in India will be run in conjunction with the Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine.

If you are simply interested in attending a course please check the dates and venues page.

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