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BASIC for Nurses

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BASIC for Nurses

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This course aims to provide an introduction to Intensive Care nursing for novice ICU nurses. The course material consists of:

  • Course manual for pre-course reading
  • Pre-course multiple choice question test
  • Lectures
  • Skill stations
  • Post-course test

There is a strong focus on the practical needs of the novice ICU nurse, with theoretical aspects being limited to those issues that are directly relevant to an understanding of clinical practice.

Topics include:

  • Basic nursing assessment of critically ill patients
  • Airway management

  • Basic respiratory physiology

  • Acute respiratory failure

  • Mechanical ventilation

    • Modes and settings

    • Troubleshooting

    • Non-invasive ventilation

    • Nursing care of the ventilated patient

  • Respiratory monitoring in ICU

  • Arterial blood gases interpretation

  • Basic cardiovascular physiology

  • Basic hemodynamic monitoring in ICU

  • Shock

  • Life threatening arrhythmias

  • Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation in ICU

  • Oliguria

  • Basic neurological assessment in ICU

  • Intracranial hypertension

  • Sedation

  • Acute pain

  • Nutritional support

  • Infection control

  • Transport of critically ill patients

  • Communication in ICU

  • Clinical handover

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