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BASIC Patient Safety

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Hong Kong

Patient Safety course

Supported by the CUHK Knowledge Transfer Fund


  • Ultimately will involve 3 related courses, aimed at different groups of healthcare workers
    • managers and senior clinicians (level 3)
    • healthcare workers who provide direct clinical care to patients (level 2)

    • ancillary workers (level 1)

Level 2 courses

Blended learning course consisting of:

  • pre-course reading

  • on-line lectures, quizzes and video

  • small group discussion and skill stations

The course covers:

  • What is patient safety and why is it important

  • Why we make mistakes

  • The relationship between mistakes and harm and how to prevent a mistake causing harm

  • Teamwork

  • Communication with colleagues

  • Patient engagement

  • Quality improvement

  • Learning from errors

  • Taking care of colleagues involved in errors and adverse events

  • Patient safety and invasive procedures

  • Medication safety


Departments wishing to run this course should contact Charles Gomersall. The course director will be required to attend an instructor course but there is no charge for course materials (in electronic form).

NB The course is designed to be generic and is not aimed specifically at Intensive Care professionals

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