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Foreign body


Airway foreign bocy

  • Leading cause of death <1 yr
  • Male: female 2:1
  • Morbidity increases with delay in treatment
  • Peanuts most common
  • Balloons account for 30% of all fatal aspirations
  • Non food items (pens, paper clips, pins) more common in older children
  • Dried beans particularly dangerous because of tendency to swell in the airway
  • Delay in diagnosis common (54%)

Clinical features


  • choking
  • history of choking episode most important feature highly suggestive of airway foreign body
    • failure to take adequate history and failure to act can be disastrous
  • coughing, gagging

Less frequent

  • fever
  • pneumonia
  • stridor
  • laryngospasm
    • may result in immediate death


  • Avoid causing distress to child as this may dislodge foreign body from bronchus into trachea, causing complete airway obstruction
  • Rigid endoscopic removal successful in 98%
    • experienced anaesthetist and surgeon
  • Flexible endoscopy potentially dangerous and unlikely to be successful


  • bronchiectasis
  • pneumonia
  • lung abscess
  • airway obstruction causing chronic wheezing
  • death



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