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- 1-deamino, 8 D-arginine vasopressin.
- synthetic analogue of vasopressin

Haemostatic effects

- alters coagulation by an effect on vascular endothelium and platelets.
- useful in patients with haemophilia A, von Willebrand's and uraemia
- reduces post-operative haemorrhage and transfusion requirements in cardiac surgery patients
- likely that DDAVP will become established as having a general role in non-specifically improving haemostasis in selected surgical procedures and in some circumstances used in combination with an anti-fibrinolytic agent
- adverse effects include a decrease in free water clearance, hypotension or hypertension and thrombosis
- dose 8 mcg over 1 h. For patients with Von Willebrand’s disease give 0.3 m g/kg immediately before surgery

Hormonal effects

- larger doses sometimes required in very early phase of central DI. Possibly due to receptor blockade by biologically active precursors of ADH released by acutely damaged hypothalamic-pituitary tract.

Adverse effects

- doubts over safety in pregnancy


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