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BASIC instructor/provider course, Hong Kong, July 2nd-4th
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Crash course in Intensive Care for SARS patients

  • Target audience: doctors with no previous experience of Intensive Care
  • Aim: to provide sufficient basic knowledge of Intensive Care for the participants to care for critically ill patients with SARS under the supervision of an Intensive Care specialist
  • Format: downloadable lectures (English narration), webpages within this site, external links to webpages and a course manual
  • Supplementary teaching: we recommend additional practical skill stations
  • Note that it is not necessary to cover all three forms of control ventilation. We recommend pressure regulated volume control, but this is only available on Siemens ventilators. Pick the mode most commonly used in your ICU
  Download Webpage
Manual Available soon  
Infection control Download lecture Go to webpage
Respiratory failure Download lecture Go to webpage
Basic mechanical ventilation Download lecture Go to webpage
Volume control Available soon  
Pressure control Available soon  
Pressure regulated volume control Download lecture Go to webpage
Ventilation of patients with SARS Download lecture Go to webpage
Arterial blood gases Download tutorial  
Haemodynamic monitoring Available soon Go to webpage
Shock Available soon Go to webpage
Sedation   Go to webpage
Basic management Download lecture  
CVC insertion Download lecture  
Chest drain insertion Available soon  
SARS radiology   Go to webpage
CXR interpretation Available soon  

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