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Melbourne, Australia, October 2019 in conjunction with the World Congress of Intensive Care
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All Thursday and Friday meetings and tutorials take place in the Prince of Wales Hospital ICU, Shatin, Hong Kong at 1 pm unless otherwise stated. Wednesday afternoon sessions form part of the HKCA central teaching program and take place in different hospitals at 1800-2000. Monday bedside teaching takes place at 3 pm in the ICU (but may need to be delayed at short notice).

Please note that the speakers occasionally need to be changed at short notice. Please check this page regularly for updated information.

All medical and paramedical professionals are welcome to attend Thursday & Friday meetings except ICU business meetings which are restricted to PWH ICU staff. Light refreshments sometimes will be served. Case presentations by trainees will be assessed as part of on-going formative assessment with an emphasis on:

patient management

  • future management strategy for similar patients
  • critical analysis of evidence
  • application of theory to clinical practice
  • presentation skills.
  • Date Speaker/tutor Topic Notes
    Thursday 6th January 2011 Dr. Florence Yap Exercise Therapy in ICU  
    Thursday 13th January 2011 Dr. Gordon Choi QA- CRRT- Citrate Protocol revision  
    Thursday 20th January 2011 Dr. HY So Management - Hospital Accreditation  
    Thursday 27th January 2011 Dr. A Yim Toxicology  
    Friday 28th January 2011 Dr. Wang Monthly X-ray meeting  
    Wednesday 2nd February 2011 Dr. Florence Yap ICU tutorial - Viva Sessions  
    Wednesday 9th February 2011 Dr. Natalie Leung Post-op management of vascular surgery: AAA and CEA Combine Colleges Course
    Thursday 10th February 2011 Dr. A Yim ICU tutorial - Viva Sessions  
    Thursday 10th February 2011 Dr. Eva Zhang Urine output on an Intensive Care Unit: a case control study  
    Wednesday 16th February 2011 Dr. R Kwok Management of Burn Combine Colleges Course
    Wednesday 23rd February 2011 Dr. YC Chan General principle of poison management Combine Colleges Course
    Friday 25th February 2011 Dr. Wang Monthly X-ray meeting  
    Wednesday 2nd March 2011 Dr. HM Lee Poison Management I: paracetamol, CO, Salicylate, TCA, B blockers etc. Combine Colleges Course
    Wednesday 2nd March 2011 Dr. Anfernee Yim OSCA (X-ray sessions)  
    Friday 4th March 2011 Dr. Gordon Choi ICU tutorial - Viva Sessions  
    Monday 7th March 2011 Dr. Charles Gomersall ICU tutorial - Bedside teaching  
    Wednesday 9th March 2011 Dr. YF Chan Poison Management II: Causative injury, OP, CVS toxidrome and snake bite Combine Colleges Course
    Wednesday 9th March 2011 Dr. Gordon Choi OSCA (CPR)  
    Thursday 10th March 2011 Dr. Sunny Yip CPR - NEJM RCTs  
    Wednesday 16th March 2011 Dr. Philip Lam OSCA (IABP + Pacing)  
    Thursday 17th March 2011 Dr. Anfernee Yim Envenomation  
    Friday 18th March 2011 Dr. A Yim ICU tutorial - X ray sessions  
    Wednesday 23rd March 2011 Dr. NP Wong Management of DKA, Hyperosmolar nonketotic precoma and glycaemic control in ICU Combine Colleges Course
    Wednesday 23rd March 2011 Dr. Gavin Joynt VIVA + Ethics presentation  
    Thursday 24th March 2011 Dr. Michael Ng update on subarachanoid hemorrhage  
    Friday 25th March 2011 Dr. Wang Monthly X-ray meeting  
    Wednesday 30th March 2011 Dr. DH Kandamby Management of thyroid disease and other endocrine disorders - pheo/carcinoid etc. in ICU Combine Colleges Course
    Wednesday 30th March 2011 Dr. HY So Teaching - VIVA + Scoring System Presentation  
    Thursday 31st March 2011 Dr. Gavin Joynt ICU tutorial - Viva sessions / Ethics tutorial  
    Thursday 31st March 2011 Dr. KM Chan Quality Assurance (Audit) - Oncology admission and outcome  
    Thursday 7th April 2011 Dr. Sunny Yip Journal club - CPR update - NEJM  
    Wednesday 13th April 2011 Dr. KB Tang Steroids in ICU - the hypothalamo-pituitary axis, clinical use, and renal cortex disease. Combine Colleges Course
    Thursday 14th April 2011 Dr. KM Chan ICU tutorial - Viva sessions  
    Thursday 14th April 2011 Dr. Rachel Man Topic Review  
    Thursday 15th April 2011 Dr. HY So ICU tutorial - Viva + Scoring system  
    Wednesday 20th April 2011 Dr. CM Chau Hypothermia - management, and therapeutic use in ICU Combine Colleges Course
    Friday 22nd April 2011 Dr. Charles Gomersall ICU tutorial - Viva sessions  
    Thursday 28th April 2011 Dr. Gordon Choi VTE  
    Friday 29th April 2011 Dr. Wang Monthly X-ray meeting  
    Friday 29th April 2011 Dr. KM Chan ICU tutorial - OSCA - investigations  
    Wednesday 4th May 2011 Dr. HM Lee Management of heat stroke and malignant hyperthermia Combine Colleges Course
    Friday 6th May 2011 Dr. Gordon Choi OSCA- Clinical station                      
    Friday 13th May 2011 Dr. Florence Yap Viva and Infection topics  
    Wednesday 18th May 2011 Dr. Stanley Chan Phsyiological change during pregnancy + Management of Post-partum haemorrahge Combine Colleges Course
    Thursday 19th May 2011 Prof. Bion ICU tutorial - Sepsis  
    Friday 20th May 2011 Dr. Wang Monthly X-ray meeting  
    Friday 20th May 2011 Prof. Charles Gomersall Clinical cases  
    Thursday 26th May 2011 Dr. Phillip Lam M&M  
    Friday 27th May 2011 Prof. Gavin Joynt Clinical cases  
    Wednesday 1st June 2011 Prof. Gavin Joynt Basic ethical principles and common moral dilemmas in ICU - admission triage and resource allocation, end of life issues, Combine Colleges Course
    Thursday 2nd June 2011 Dr. Rachel Man Thromboembolism - Review AHA  
    Friday 3rd June 2011 Dr. Florence Yap Investigations  
    Wednesday 8th June 2011 Dr. HY So Transportation Combine Colleges Course
    Friday 10th June 2011 Dr. Phillip Lam OSCE - simulation - equipment  
    Wednesday 15th June 2011 Dr. KY Lai Obstetric emergency: Pre-eclampsia/eclampsia; peri-partum cardiomyopathy, amniotic fluid embolism Combine Colleges Course
    Thursday 16th June 2011 Dr. Florence Yap CriticaI Incident Reporting (review)  
    Friday 17th June 2011 Dr. Gordon Choi Bedside teaching  
    Wednesday 22nd June 2011 Dr. KC Chan Update on ACLS Combine Colleges Course
    Thursday 23rd June 2011 Dr. Anna Lee Toxicology - Important Chinese Herbal Medications  
    Friday 24th June 2011 Prof. Charles Gomersall Bedside teaching  
    Thursday 30th June 2011 Dr. Joey Wai Sagittal Sinus Thrombosis  
    Thursday 7th July 2011 Dr. Sunny Yip Steriods and Pneumonia  
    Friday 8th July 2011 Dr. Gordon Choi Viva and clinical  
    Thursday 14th July 2011 Dr. Winnie DECRE Trial  
    Friday 15th July 2011 Prof. Gavin Joynt Clinical  
    Thursday 21st July 2011 Dr. Raymond Lai Quality Assurance :  Antibigogram  
    Friday 22nd July 2011 Dr. Anna Lee Investigations  
    Thursday 28th July 2011 Dr. HY So TBA  
    Friday 29th July 2011 Dr. Charles Gomersall OSCEs  
    Thursday 11th August 2011 Dr. Gavin Joynt Blood and Product Transfusion  
    Friday 12th August 2011 Dr. Philip Lam OSCEs  
    Friday 19th August 2011 Dr. Florence Yap VIVAs  
    Thursday 25th August 2011 Dr. Louis Mok New anticoagulants  
    Thursday 1st September 2011 Dr. Charels Gomersall TBA  
    Thursday 8th September 2011 Dr. Gavin Joynt Blood and blood product  
    Friday 9th  September 2011 Dr. P Lam OSCES   
    Thursday 15th September 2011 Dr. Michael Ng Tracheostomy tubes  
    Friday 16th  September 2011 Dr. HY SO Vivas + Clinicals  
    Thursday 22nd September 2011 Dr. Henry Wong High sensitive TnT  
    Friday 23rd  September 2011 Dr. G Choi Clincals + Vivas  
    Thursday 29th September 2011 Dr. Elaine Cheng Inotropic / vasopressor agents  
    Friday 30th September 2011 Dr. Anna Lee OSCES  
    Thursday 6th October 2011 Dr. David Ng Induction agent / sedation  
    Thursday 13th October 2011 Dr. Kate Aero-transport of the critically ill  
    Thursday 20th October 2011 Prof. Thomas Leung Perioperative CVA  
    Thursday 27th October 2011 Prof. Honore   Extracorporeal therapies in Septic AKI  
    Friday 28th October 2011 ICU Commisioned training- Prof. Sunde What should a cardiac arrest centre offer?  
    Thursday 3rd November 2011   Asian Intensive Care Meeting  
    Thursday 10th November 2011 Dr. Kate Aero-transport of the critically ill - part 2  
    Thursday 17th November 2011

    Dr. Phillip Lam & Ms. Camen Ho

    M&M meeting  
    Thursday 24th November 2011 Dr. Gavin

    Coagulopathy and Trauma

    Thursday 8th  December 2011 Dr. Anna Lee

    Airway management of the critically obesed patient

    Thursday 22nd December 2011   No presentation  
    Thursday 29th December 2011 Dr. Gordon PROTECT Trial  
    Thursday 5th January  2012 Dr. Joey Wai Atrial Fibrillation and Sepsis  
    Thursday 12th January 2012 Dr. Joey Wai AF and Sepsis  
    Friday 13th January 2012   Conference Review  
    Thursday 19th January 2012 Dr. KM Chan Beta agonist and ARDS  
    Friday 20th January 2012   Conference Review  
    Thursday 26th January 2012 Dr. Winnie Wan Journal Club  
    Friday 27th January 2012   Conference Review  
    Thursday 2nd February 2012 Dr. Anna Lee Obesity and ICU  
    Friday 3rd February 2012   Conference Review  
    Thursday 9th February 2012 Dr. Florence AED use in hospitals  
    Friday 10th February 2012 Dr. Winnie Wan / Dr. Sunny Yip ICU Tutorials  
    Thursday 16th February 2012 Dr. Gavin Sepsis - what to do if the source is unclear  
    Friday 17th February 2012 Dr. Gordon Choi / Dr. David Ng ICU Tutorials  
    Thursday  23rd February 2012 Dr So Pending  
    Friday 24th February 2012 Dr. Florence Yap / Dr. Elaine Cheng ICU Tutorials  
    Thursday 1st March 2012 Dr. Charles Pending  
    Friday 2nd March 2012   Conference Review  
    Thursday 8th March 2012 Dr. Phillip Lam Journal Club  
    Friday 9th March 2012   Conference Review  
    Thursday 15th March 2012 Dr. Sunny Yip Journal Club  
    Friday 16th March 2012   Conference Review  
    Thursday 22nd March 2012 Dr. Gordon Quality Assurance - CRRT Audit  
    Friday 23rd March 2012   Conference Review  
    Thursday 29th March 2012 Dr. David Ng Topic review - Muscle Relaxants  
    Friday 30th March 2012   Conference Review  
    Thursday 5th April 2012 Dr. Elanie Cheng Topic review - Sedative agents  
    Friday 6th April 2012   Conference Review  
    Wednesday 11th April 2012 Dr. HY So Use of Ultrasound in the ICU  
    Thursday 12th April 2012 Dr Raymod Lai Microbiology update  
    Friday 13th April 2012   Conference Review  
    Wednesday 18th April 2012 Dr Anne Leung Terroist attack  
    Thursday 19th April 2012 Dr David Ng  Muscle Relaxant  
    Friday 20th April 2012   Conference Review  
    Wednesday 25th April 2012 Dr KM Yim Principle of fluid management ( crystalloid/colloid/blood and blood product)  
    Thursday 26th April 2012 Dr Phillip Lam Journal Club  
    Friday 27th April 2012   Conference Review  
    Wednesday 2nd May 2012 Dr G Joynt How to critically appraise a clincial trial  
    Thursday 3rd May 2012 Dr Florence Yap Journal Club / Brussels update  
    Friday 4th May 2012 Dr Florence Yap ICU Tutorial  
    Wednesday 9th May 2012 Dr WW Yan Statistics  
    Thursday 10th May 2012 Dr So Quality indicators  
    Friday 11th May 2012 Dr Anna Lee ICU Tutorial  
    Wednesday 16th May 2012 Dr Albert Ku Critically ill Child  
    Thursday 17th May 2012 Dr Ara Li ICU Review Topic  
    Friday 18th May 2012 Dr Philip Lam ICU Tutorial  
    Thursday 24th May 2012 Dr KM Chan Journal Club  
    Friday 25th May 2012 Dr Gordon Choi ICU Tutorial  
    Wednesday 30th May 2012 Dr G Ng Extracoporeal Life Suppot for Critically ill patient  
    Thursday 31st May 2012 Dr Anna Lee Jounral Club  
    Friday 1st June 2012   Conference Review  
    Wednesday 6th June 2012 Dr Judith Shen Assessment of Critically ill patient  
    Thursday 7th June 2012 Dr Winnie Yan Early exercise therapy in ICU - Quality Aussurance  
    Friday 8th June 2012   Conference Review  
    Wednesday 13th June 2012 Dr KH Yip Nutritional assessment and Nutritional support in ICU  
    Thursday 14th June 2012 Dr Joey Wai Anaesthesia update for the intensivists  -  Part I  
    Friday 15th June 2012   Conference Review  
    Wednesday 20th June 2012 Dr HY So Emergency airway management  
    Thursday 21st June 2012 Dr Gordon Choi Neuroanatomy for intenvists  
    Friday 22nd June 2012   Conference Review  
    Wednesday 27th June 2012 Dr Grace Lam Principle of Invasive & non-invasive mechancial ventilation  
    Thursday 28th June 2012 Dr Sunny Yip Journal Club  
    Friday 29th June 2012   Conference Review  
    Wednesday 4th July 2012 Dr CC Tsang Mechanical ventilation-Asthma/COAD  
    Thursday 5th July 2012 Dr Ara L Cerebral Oxygenation Monitoring  
    Friday 6th July 2012   Conference Review  
    Wednesday 11th July 2012 Dr Gladys Kwan ARDS-pathophysiology, ventilatory management and other novel treatment  
    Thursday 12th July 2012 Dr Anna Lee Journal Club  
    Friday 13th July 2012   Conference Review  
    Wednesday 18th July 2012 Dr Helen Wu Weaning of mechanical ventilation  
    Thursday 19th July 2012 Dr Queenie Tung Airway management of the critically ill  
    Friday 20th July 2012   Conference Review  
    Thursday 26th July 2012 Dr Joey Wai Anaesthesia update for the intensivists  -  Part II  
    Friday 27th July 2012 Dr Grace Lam Principle of Invasive & non-invasive mechancial ventilation  
    Friday 27th July 2012   Conference Review  
    Wednesday 1st August 2012 Dr Tom Buckly Data Intrepretation (Biochem/micro/ECG)  
    Thursday 2nd August 2012 Dr So Medication Safety in emergency situations   
    Friday 3rd August 2012   Conference Review  
    Wednesday 8th August 2012 Dr HM Lee X-ray intrepretation  
    Thursday 9th August 2012 Dr Thomas Li Journal review - CCM - Gastric vs Jejunal feeding  
    Friday 10th August 2012   Conference Review  
    Wednesday 15th August 2012 Dr Gordon Choi Bedside teaching/Viva  
    Thursday 16th August 2012 Dr Duncan Lam Journal review - NEJM - 6s trail  
    Thursday 23rd August 2012 Ms Phyllis Yao Nutrition products available in PWH  
    Thursday 30th August 2012 Dr Gordon Choi Journal review - NEJM   
    Wednesday 5th September 2012 Dr CK Koo Bedside teaching/Viva  
    Thursday 6th September 2012 Dr Charles Gomersall Topic - pending  
    Wednesday 12th September 2012 Dr Kenny Chan Bedside teaching/Viva  
    Thursday 13th September 2012 Dr Queenie Tung Topic pending  
    Thursday 20th September 2012 Dr Rebecca Wai Role of Hypothermia  
    Wednesday 26th September 2012 Dr Dominic So Bedside teaching/Viva  
    Thursday 27th September 2012 Dr Florence Yap Blood Transfusion  
    Wednesday 3rd October 2012 Dr Anne Leung Bedside teaching/Viva  
    Thursday 4th October 2012 Dr Gavin Joynt Topic Pending  
    Friday 12th October 2012 Dr HY So The Mind, The Heart, and The Path  
    Wednesday 17th October 2012 Dr CW Lau Management of pneumothorax, pleural effusion and chest drain in ICU  
    Thursday 18th October 2012 Dr Phillip Lam Community Acquired C. difficle  
    Wednesday 24th October 2012 Dr Karl Young Diagnosis and general management principle of Shock  
    Thursday 25th October 2012 Dr Anna Lee Journal review  
    Wednesday 31st  October 2012 Dr Anna Lee Cardiovascualar monitoring  
    Thursday 1st November 2012 Dr KM Chan Nutrition in the ICU  
    Wednesday 7th November 2012 Dr HM Lee Noval treatment of Septic shock  
    Thursday 8th November 2012 Dr Ara Lee Cerebral Oxygenation  
    Wednesday 14th November 2012 Dr KW Lam Myocardial ischaemia  
    Thursday 15th November 2012 Dr Sunny Yip Journal Review  
    Thursday 22th November 2012 Dr Albert Chan Topic Pending  
    Wednesday 28th November 2012 Dr CY Wong Management of acute heart failure  
    Thursday 29th November 2012 Dr Duncan Lam Journal review  
    Wednesday 5th December 2012 Dr Steve Lai Management of arrhythmia and Cardiac pacing  
    Thursday 6th December 2012 Dr Joey Wai Update in Anaesthesia  
    Wednesday 12th December 2012 Dr Thomas Li Journal Club - JAMA - Daily Sedation Interruption  
    Thursday 13th December 2012 Dr Florence Yap Critical Incident Reporting  
    Wednesday 19th December 2012 Dr Florence Yap Infection control, Mechanism of antibiotic resistance & antibiotic modification for resistant organism  
    Thursday 20th December 2012 Dr Thomas Li Journal Club - Critical Care - Use of Videolaryngoscopy and endotracheal intubation  
    Thursday 27th December 2012 Dr Duncan Lam Journal Club - NEJM - 6s - Use of HES  
    Thursday 3rd January 2013 Dr Wang Ki Radiology Meeting  
    Thursday 10th January 2013 Dr Gordon Choi Journal Club  
    Thursday 17th January 2013 Dr Gavin Joynt Executive Meeting  
    Thursday 24th January 2013 Dr Albert Chan Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy: brief review  
    Thursday 31st January 2013 Dr Sunny Yip  Journal update: Duodenal Infusion of Donor Feces  for Recurrent Clostridium difficile  
    Thursday 7th February 2013 Dr Peng Gastric residual volume monitoring in ICU; Is there a real need ?  
    Thursday 14th February 2013 Dr Etonia Pang Alcohol withdrawal in ICU patients  
    Thursday 21st February 2013 Dr Joey Wai Advance in Supraglottic Devise  
    Thursday 28th February 2013 Dr KM Chan Nutrition issues, what really matters - SPN trials  
    Thursday 7th March 2013 Dr Sunny Wong Key advances in medicine  
    Thursday 21st March 2013 Dr Winnie Wan Weaning method does matter? Tracheostomy collar vs pressure support trial  
    Thursday 28th March 2013   Radiology Meeting  
    Thursday 11th April 2013 Dr Stephen Lo Subglottic suctioning  
    Thursday 18th April 2013   Senior Staff Meeting  
    Thursday 19th April 2013 Dr Florence Yap  Phrenic nerve/ diaphragm pacing  
    Thursday 25th April 2013 Dr Florence Yap Case discussion: Management of Tetra Plegia Patient  
    Thursday 9th May 2013 Dr C Gomersall Sedation  
    Thursday 16th May 2013 Dr Vivian Lau Surviving Sepsis Campaign Guidelines 2012: What is new?  
    Thursday 23rd May 2013 Dr Ken Chan Legionellosis infection  
    Thursday 30th May 2013 Dr SN Zhao ARDS - The Berlin Definition  
    Thursday 13th June 2013 Dr Wang Ki Radiology Meeting  
    Thursday 20th June 2013 Dr Philip Lam Infectious disease update  
    Friday 28th June 2013   M&M meeting  
    Thursday 4th July 2013 Dr Anna Lee An overview for organ transplant  
    Friday 12th July 2013 Dr Sunny Yip PROSEVA study - Prone Positioning in Severe ARDS  
    Thursday 18th July 2013 Dr Duncan Lam SCCM's Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Pain, Agitation, and Delirium in Adult Patients in the ICU  
    Thursday 25th July 2013 Dr KM Chan VSE and cardiacarrest  
    Friday 2nd August 2013 Dr HY So High Volume Haemofiltration  
    Thursday 8th August 2013 Dr Joey Wai Postpartum hemorrhage, role of fibrinogen and transamine  
    Thursday 15th August 2013 Dr Gordon Choi IABP shock II  
    Thursday 22nd August 2013 Dr Florence Yap Critical incidents  
    Thursday 29th August 2013   Microbiology Meeting  
    Friday 30th August 2013 Dr Terence Luk Contrast Nephropathy  
    Friday 6th September 2013 Dr Winnie Wan Early PN trial  
    Thursday 19th September 2013 Dr Stephen Lo PRESERVE: Mortality risk score and longterm outcomes of ECMO in ARDS  
    Thursday 26th September 2013 Dr G Joynt Ethics Considerations regarding healthcare resource allocation  
    Thursday 3rd October 2013 Dr Alex Law Acute radiation Syndrome  
    Thursday 10th October 2013 Dr Philip Lam Post Cardiac Bypass Intestinal Ishaemia  
    Thursday 17th October 2013 Dr Anna Lee EVAR and TEVAR  
    Thursday 24th October 2013 Dr Sunny Yip β-Blocker in Septic Shock  
    Thursday 31st October 2013 Dr Duncan Lam Etomidate in critical illness  
    Thursday 7th November 2013 Dr Florence Yap Alarm in ICU  
    Thursday 14th November 2013 Prof Flaatten Variations of end-of life regulations and  ICU outcomes, a comparison between Hong Kong and Bergen (Norway)  
    Thursday 21st November 2013 Dr Joey Wai Diastolic heart failure in ICU  
    Thursday 28th November 2013 Dr Winnie Wan Target temperature in post arrest patients, the TTM trial  
    Thursday 12th December 2013 Dr Lowell Ling Hemone vs. Hb  
    Thursday 19th December 2013 Dr Jo Lam Tangible gas laws  
    Thursday 2nd January 2014 Dr Florence Yap Critical Incident review  
    Thursday 9th January 2014 Dr KM Chan Sharing Session: Oversea training on ECMO  
    Thursday 16th January 2014 Dr C Gomersall Training in ICU  
    Friday 24th January 2014 Dr Joey Wai Respiratory muscles monitoring  
    Thursday 30th January 2014 Dr Florence Yap Brain Death  
    Thursday 6th February 2014 Dr G Joynt ICU utilization at PWH  
    Thursday 13th February 2014 Dr Duncan Lam Point of care ultrasound  
    Thursday 20th February 2014 Dr KM Chan VA-ECMO  
    Thursday 13th March 2014 Dr Tracy Lam Effect of hypothermia in severe bacterial meningitis  
    Thursday 20th March 2014 Dr Jacky Chan Therapeutic Hypothermia in the Critically ill  
    Thursday 27th March 2014 Dr Jo Lam Communication with family  
    Friday 4th April 2014 Dr K Wong Radiology Meeting  
    Thursday 10th April 2014 Dr Winnie Wan ProCess trial  
    Thursday 17th April 2014 Dr D Lam/W Wan The Prone Ventilation Protocol  
    Friday 25th April 2014 Dr Philip Lam Medicolegal cases in ICU  
    Friday 2nd May 2014 Dr Gordon Choi SMARRT study  
    Friday 9th May 2014 Dr Sunny Yip Albumin use in ICU  
    Friday 16th May 2014 Dr David Ng Management of acute pulmonary embolism  
    Friday 23rd May 2014 Dr Anna Lee Quetiapine and Delirium Presentori  
    Friday 30th May 2014 Dr Wang Ki & Dr Simon Wong Radiology Meeting  
    Thursday 12th June 2014 Dr C Gomersall Mechanisms of Trauma  
    Thursday 19th June 2014 Dr KM Chan ECMO case sharing  
    Thursday 26th June 2014 Dr F Yap ENCEPHALITIS  
    Thursday 17th July 2014 Dr Sunny Yip Statin and sepsis  
    Thursday 24th July 2014 Dr Duncan Lam Point-of-Care Ultrasound in Critically ill  
    Thursday 31st July 2014 Dr WT Wong Tumorlysis syndrome  
    Thursday 7th August 2014 Dr Constance Hui Sedation  
    Thursday 14th August 2014 Dr Lowell Ling Don't drink and Retch: Boerhaave Syndrome  
    Thursday 21st August 2014   Microbiology meeting  
    Thursday 18th September 2014 Dr Philip Lam ECMO update  
    Thursday 25th September 2014 Dr Joey Wai Update on difficult intubation  
    Thursday 9th October 2014 Dr Gordon Choi Reversible Death?  
    Thursday 16th October 2014 Dr G Joynt Turn up to work in a pandemic, yes or no?  
    Thursday 23rd October 2014 Dr Wang Ki Radiology Meeting  
    Friday 24th October 2014 Dr HY SO In-hospital Cardiac Arrest  
    Thursday 30th October 2014 Dr KM Chan ECMO Case Presentation  
    Thursday 6th November 2014 Dr Sunny Yip Modified Blood Product, Why & When?  
    Thursday 13th November 2014 Dr C Gomersall Review of Recent ICU Studies  
    Thursday 27th November 2014 Dr Lowell Ling Monitoring the Traumatized Brain  
    Thursday 11th December 2014 Dr Duncan Lam Choosing wisely - Critical Care  
    Thursday 18th December 2014 Dr Winnie Wan Airvo vs High Flow O2  
    Friday 19th December 2014 Dr WT Wong Bickerstaff Encephalitis  
    Friday 2nd January 2015 Dr Anna Lee Cancelled  
    Thursday 15th January 2015 Dr Florence Yap IPMOE in ICU  
    Friday 23rd January 2015 Dr Gerund Cheung Burn patients - Anaesthetic & ICU concern in acute setting  
    Thursday 29th January 2015 Dr Philip Lam Maternal Brain Death  
    Thursday 5th February 2015 Dr Gordon Choi Cancelled  
    Friday 6th February 2015 Dr Joey Wai End of life care decision and family satisfaction  
    Thursday 12th February 2015 Dr G Joynt QA Review 2013-2014  
    Friday 27th February 2015 Dr HY So Cancelled  
    Thursday 5th March 2015 Dr KM Chan VA ECMO in AMI  
    Friday 6th March 2015   Radiology Meeting  
    Tuesday 10th March 2015 Dr KM Chan ECMO Simulation training steering group meeting  
    Thursday 12th March 2015 Dr C Gomersall Drowning  
    Friday 20th March 2015 Dr Sunny Yip The spread of multidrug-resistant organisms in healthcare environment  
    Friday 27th March 2015 Dr David Ng PROMISE Trial  
    Thursday 9th April 2015 Dr Wong WT Transfuse or not  
    Thursday 16th April 2015 Dr Jo Lam Acute interstitial nephritis  
    Friday 24th April 2015 Dr Winnie Wan Inhaled Antibiotics  
    Thursday 30th April 2015 Dr Lowell Ling Easy to thin, difficult to reverse
    Friday 8th May 2015 Dr Rosinni Wong Stress ulcer prophylaxis  
    Thursday 14th May 2015 Dr Anna Lee Cancelled  
    Friday 15th May 2015 Dr KM Chan ECMO meeting for PWH  
    Thursday 21st May 2015 Dr Lydia Lau Abdominal Compartment Syndrome  
    Thursday 28th May 2015 Dr Jo Lam High Flow oxygen through Nasal Cannula in Acute Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure  
    Thursday 28th May 2015 Dr KM Chan ICU ECMO in house training  
    Thursday 4th June 2015 Dr Czarina Leung Genomic in Critical Care  
    Thursday 11th June 2015 Dr Gordon Choi Renal Replacement Therapy in Elderly  
    Friday 19th June 2015 Dr Sunny Yip Is there a doctor on board  
    Thursday 25th June 2015 Dr C Gomersall MultiDrug Resistant Infection: Global trend  
    Thursday 2nd July 2015 Dr KM Chan CHEER Protocol  
    Tuesday 7th July 2015 Dr KM Chan ECMO assessment panel meeting  
    Friday 10th July 2015 Dr David Ng STITCH Trauma trial  
    Thursday 16th July 2015 Dr G Joynt End of Life in the ICU  
    Friday 17th July 2015   Radiology meeting  
    Thursday 23rd July 2015 Dr F Yap Extra-corpeal removal of CO2  
    Friday 31st July 2015 Dr HY So This is no humbug  
    Thursday 6th August 2015 Dr Winnie Wan Screening for occult cancer in unprovoked VTE  
    Thursday 13th August 2015 Dr WT Wong Acute Positioning  
    Thursday 20th August 2015 Dr Czarina Leung Brain Death-What do people really think of it?  
    Friday 21st August 2015 Dr Charles L. Sprung Steroids in Septic Shock  
    Thursday 27th August 2015 Dr Kathleen Rotheray High flow nasal oxygen in hypoxemia resp failure  
    Thursday 10th September 2015 Dr Lowell Ling Easy to thin, difficult to reverse  
    Thursday 17th September 2015 Dr Joey Wai Acute Basilar Artery Occlusion  
    Tuesday 22nd September 2015 Dr KM Chan ECMO steering board meeting  
    Thursday 24th September 2015 Dr Eunise Ho Ultrasound for Percutaneous Tracheotomy  
    Tuesday 6th October 2015 Dr KM Chan ECMO cannulation training for ICU nurses/doctors  
    Thursday 8th October 2015 Dr Jo Lam Permissive Underfeeding in Critically Ill Patients  
    Monday 12th October 2015 Dr KM Chan ECMO meeting for PWH ECMO training  
    Tuesday 13th October 2015 Dr KM Chan ECMO waterdrill  
    Thursday 15th October 2015 Dr Anna Lee CPR-What is missing?  
    Thursday 22nd October 2015 Dr Florence Yap CPR in Post Cardiac pts  
    Friday 23rd October 2015 Dr Gordon Choi Influenza vaccine  
    Thursday 5th November 2015 Dr C Gomersall Cancelled  
    Thursday 12th November 2015 Dr Sunny Yip Cancelled  
    Tuesday 17th November 2015 Dr KM Chan ECMO simulation  
    Wednesday 18th November 2015 Dr KM Chan ECMO simulation  
    Thursday 19th November 2015 Dr KM Chan ECMO main tender board meeting  
    Friday 20th November 2015 Dr Wong WT Family Satisfaction in ICU  
    Friday 27th November 2015 Dr Czarina Leung AHA Guideline on Resuscitation 2015  
    Thursday 3rd December 2015 Dr Winnie Wan Eurotherm 3235 trial  
    Thursday 17th December 2015 Dr Lowell Ling SPLIT-Study Buffered Crystalloid vs Normal Saline  
    Friday 18th December 2015 Dr Wang Radiology meeting  
    Thursday 24th December 2015 Dr KM Chan Cancelled  
    Thursday 31st December 2015 Dr Derek Ng Dexmedetomidine: A Review  
    Thursday 7th January 2016 Dr Leonie Schwarz Mechanical Ventilation of Healthy Lungs  
    Thursday 14th January 2016 Dr Jonathan Rosser Central Lines  
    Thursday 21st January 2016 Dr Kathleen Rotheray Thinking + Decision Making in Medicine  
    Friday 22nd January 2016 Dr Florence Yap Critical Incident  
    Thursday 28th January 2016 Dr G Joynt Non-surgical Skin Failure in ICU  
    Thursday 4th February 2016 Dr Winnie Wan Cancelled  
    Thursday 11th February 2016 Dr Charles Gomersall Cancelled  
    Thursday 18th February 2016 Dr Anna Lee Obstetric Patients in ICU  
    Thursday 25th February 2016 Dr KM Chan Save Score  
    Friday 26th February 2016 Dr HY So Human Factors and Patient Safety  
    Friday 4th March 2016 Dr Eunise Ho CIS Orientation  
    Thursday 17th March 2016 Dr Florence Yap Definition of Sepsis/Septic shock  
    Thursday 24th March 2016 Dr Gordon Choi Albumin- a revisit  
    Thursday 31st March 2016 Dr Jo Lam Sepsis-3  
    Friday 1st April 2016 Dr Gordon Choi Dedicated teaching  
    Thursday 7th April 2016 Dr Czarina Leung Communication in ICU  
    Tuesday 12th April 2016 Dr KM Chan ECMO TAP meeting  
    Thursday 14th April 2016 Dr ChunYao Wang X-Ray meeting  
    Friday 15th April 2016 Prof Charles Gomersall Dedicated teaching  
    Friday 15th April 2016 Dr Duncan Lam EOL documentation  
    Thursday 21st April 2016 Dr KM Chan IABP revisit  
    Tuesday 26th April 2016 Dr KM Chan ECMO simulation steering board meeting  
    Friday 29th April 2016 Dr Sunny Yip The spread of multidrug resistant organisms in healthcare environment  
    Friday 6th May 2016 Dr Eunise Ho Dedicated teaching  
    Friday 6th May 2016 Dr Frank Ko Calcium channel blocker overdose  
    Thursday 12th May 2016 Prof Charles Gomersall Recent clinical trials in ICU  
    Thursday 19th May 2016 Dr Leonie Schwarz ICU outcome in octogenarians  
    Thursday 26th May 2016 Dr Jo Lam Renal replacement therapy initiation in ICU  
    Friday 3rd June 2016 Dr Florence Yap Dedicated teaching  
    Friday 3rd June 2016 Dr HY So Reflections from ISICEM 2016  
    Friday 17th June 2016 Dr WT Wong Aromatize psychiatric patient  
    Thursday 23th June 2016 Prof Gavin Joynt Prince of Wales- ICU Utility  
    Thursday 30th June 2016 Dr Gordon Choi Renal recovery  
    Thursday 7th July 2016 Prof Czarina Leung Top Gun Failure  
    Monday 11th July 2016 Dr KM Chan ECMO workgroup meeting  
    Friday 8th July 2016 Dr Florence Yap Dedicated teaching  
    Friday 15th July 2016 Dr Anna Lee EPR use during ward rounds: a qualitative study of interaction between medical staff  
    Thursday 21st July 2016 Dr Florence Yap Audits: Resuscitation audit and blood products return audit  
    Friday 22rd July 2016 Dr Anna Lee Dedicated teaching  
    Thursday 28th July 2016 Dr Eunise Ho Ultrasound Guidelines in Critical Care  
    Thursday 4th August 2016 Dr Kathleen Rotheray Therapeutic Hypothermic  
    Friday 5th August 2016 Prof Charles Gomersall Dedicated teaching  
    Thursday 11th August 2016 Dr KM Chan Coagulation issue in ECMO  
    Thursday 18th August 2016 Dr Sunny Yip Prevention of Catheter related bloodstream infection  
    Thursday 25th August 2016 Dr Winnie Wan Vanish Trial  
    Thursday 1st September 2016 Dr Derek Ng Metformin vs insulin in burn patients  
    Friday 2nd September 2016 Dr Winnie Wan Dedicated teaching  
    Thursday 8th September 2016 Dr Lowell Ling Knowing When We Don't Know  
    Wednesday 14th September 2016   BASIC - Patient Safety  
    Thursday 15th September 2016 Dr Duncan Lam ABCDE of toxicology  
    Wednesday 21st September 2016 Dr KM Chan ECMO simulation course  
    Thursday 22nd September 2016 Dr KM Chan ECMO simulation course  
    Thursday 22nd September 2016 Dr Ma Briones Management of sub-arachnoids hemorrhage  
    Friday 23rd September 2016 Dr O'Connor Dedicated teaching  
    Thursday 29th September 2016 Dr Benjamin Siu Delirium  
    Friday 7th October 2016 Dr Joey Wai Decompressive craniectomy(Cancelled)  
    Friday 7th October 2016 Dr Gordon Choi Dedicated teaching  
    Friday 14th October 2016 Dr KM Chan ECMO workgroup meeting  
    Friday 14th October 2016 Dr O'Connor The RESCUE-ICP trial: A comparison with the DECRA study and implications for TBI management  
    Thursday 20th October 2016 Dr KM Chan ECMO lecture for physiotherapists  
    Thursday 27th October 2016 Dr Frank Ko Snake bite  
    Friday 28 th October 2016   BASIC - CARE  
    Thursday 3rd November 2016 Prof Charles Gomersall Applied Neuroanatomy  
    Thursday 10th November 2016 Prof Gavin Joynt Bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace  
    Thursday 17th November 2016 Dr Gordon Choi Equipment meeting  
    Friday 18th November 2016 Dr Eunise Ho Dedicated teaching  
    Thursday 24th November 2016 Dr WT Wong Faster Cardiac Wearing  
    Monday 28th November 2016 HAHO COC - Commissioned training  
    Tuesday 29th November 2016 HAHO COC - Commissioned training  
    Thursday 1st December 2016 Dr Florence Yap Nutrition  
    Friday 2nd December 2016 Dr Florence Yap Dedicated teaching  
    Friday 9th December 2016 Anaesthesia NewZealand Hong Kong Fellow & Trainee Workshop

    CICM- College of Intensive Care Medicine

    Thursday 15th December 2016 Dr Czarina Leung Modern day slavery/ human trafficking - What can we do as healthcare workers  
    Thursday 15th December 2016 Dr Gordon Choi Dedicated teaching  
    Thursday 22nd December 2016 Dr Eunise Ho USG in Resuscitation  
    Friday 30th December 2016 Dr Enda O'Connor Dedicated teaching  
    Thursday 5th January 2017 Dr Joey Wai Resuscitation ICP trial  
    Tuesday 10th January 2017 Dr Florence Yap/Dr Eunise Ho Morbidity & Mortality meeting  
    Wednesday 11th January 2017 DOM(Carmen Ho) BASIC course  
    Thursday 12th January 2017 Dr Sunny Yip BASIC course  
    Thursday 12th January 2017 Dr Anna Lee Cancelled  
    Friday 20th January 2017 Dr HY So The Art of Debriefing in Healthcare Learning  
    Thursday 26th January 2017 Dr Duncan Lam Safety peripheral vasopressin  
    Thursday 2nd February 2017 Dr Terence Wong Surviving sepsis campaign 2016  
    Thursday 9th February 2017 Dr Jo Lam Aconitine Poisoning  
    Thursday 16th February 2017 Dr Eunise Ho/Prof Charles Gomersall BASIC - Patient Safety  
    Thursday 16th February 2017 Dr Enda O'Connor Critical care oncology  
    Thursday 23rd February 2017 Dr Lowell Ling How fast are we?  
    Thursday 2nd March 2017 Dr Ma Briones Obese patient in ICU (anticoagualtion)  
    Thursday 9th March 2017 Dr Yip Wing Ho Update on COPD Management  
    Thursday 16th March 2017 Dr Benjamin Siu Should we intubate?  
    Thursday 23rd March 2017 Prof Charles Gomersall GI Bleed  
    Thursday 30th March 2017 Dr  Florence Yap 1) SURTVAI trial ; 2) Critical incidents Q3 & Q4 2016 ; 3) Insulin infusion on discharge  
    Friday 7th April 2017 Dr Winnie Wan Weaning a VAECIM  
    Thursday 13th April 2017 Dr WT Wong Oxygen - ICU RCT  
    Friday 21st April 2017 Dr Sunny Yip Levosimerdon in ICU  
    Thursday 27th April 2017 Dr David Ng Pending  
    Thursday 11th May 2017 Eunise Ho Ultrasonography Evaluation during weaning of mechanical ventilator  
    Thursday 11th May 2017   BASIC CARE  
    Friday 12th May 2017   BASIC CARE  
    Thursday 18th May 2017 Dr. O'Connor My year in PWH ICU- an educational perspective  
    Thursday 25th May 2017 Dr Teresa Tsang Liberal vs. Restricted transfusion  
    Wednesday 31st May 2017   BASIC - Cardiac Surgery  
    Thursday 1st June 2017 Dr Kathleen Rotheray Transmarine in post-partum hemorrhage  
    Thursday 1st June 2017   BASIC - Cardiac Surgery  
    Thursday 15th June 2017 Dr Gordon Choi/Randolph Wong Acute Aortic Syndrome Part I  
    Friday 16th June 2017 Dr. HY So Sharing from 7th International Clinical Skills Conference  
    Thursday 29th June 2017 Dr SY Lam Tuberculosis  
    Friday 7th July 2017 Dr Jo Lam Pending  
    Thursday 13th July 2017 Prof. Gomersall Fast Track Cardiac Surgery  
    Thursday 20th July 2017 Prof. Gavin Joynt Quality Assurance  
    Friday 28th July 2017 Dr Florence Yap Levosemandan  
    Thursday 3rd August 2017 Dr Benjamin Siu High flow Nasal Oxygen therapy  
    Thursday 10th August 2017 Dr Terence Wong Intravenous ketamine for the treatment of status epileptics  
    Thursday 17th August 2017 Dr Sunny Yip Pulmonary tumour thrombotic microargiopathy  
    Thursday 31st August 2017 Dr Jasmin Tong Systemic antibiotic prophylaxis for VAP   
    Friday 1st September 2017 Dr Florence Yap Critical incident + IPMOE  
    Thursday 7th September 2017 Dr Christina So eiuning to initiate RRT  
    Thursday 14th September 2017 Dr David Ng Contrast Induced Nephropathy  
    Thursday 21st September 2017 Dr SK Tong An obstetrician is calling for help  
    Friday 22nd September 2017 Dr Wang Ki Radiology meeting  
    Thursday 28th September 2017 Dr KM Chan ECPR  
    Thursday 12th October 2017 Dr Katy Li Steroid treatment in Acute respiratory distress syndrome  
    Thursday 19th October 2017 Dr Duncan Lam Vasa puesson for shock in trauma : AnxRole?  
    Thursday 26th October 2017 Dr Winnie Wan Lung recruitment  
    Thursday 2nd November 2017 Dr Raymond Chu Paracetamol Overdose  
    Friday 10th November 2017 Dr Jo Lam PCo2-Gap  
    Friday 17th November 2017 Prof. Gavin Joynt Manpower Management  
    Thursday 23th November 2017 Prof. Charles Gomersall Weaned but not awake, What's next  
    Thursday 30th November 2017 Dr Gordon Choi Acute Aortic Syndrome  
    Friday 8th December 2017 Dr HY So Change for better? Change by the WISER  
    Thursday 14th  December 2017 Dr SY Lam The blind space in chest  
    Thursday 21st  December 2017 Dr Tiffany Ng Airway equipment - updated  
    Friday 22nd  December 2017 Dr Ki Wang Radiology meeting  
    Thursday 28th  December 2017 Prof Gavin Joynt Workplace sexual harassment  
    Thursday 4th January 2018 Dr WT Wong Serious illness conversation  
    Thursday 11th January 2018 Dr Sunny Yip Pulm  
    Thursday 18th January 2018 Dr Eunise Ho Medical Emergency in Post Bariatric Surgery Patients  
    Thursday 25th January 2018 Dr Florence Yap Obstacles in feeding patients in ICU  
    Thursday 1st February 2018 Dr Kevin De Asis Pending  
    Thursday 8th February 2018 Dr Christopher Lee VAP  
    Thursday 15th February 2018 Dr Vincent Lau Inhaled antibiotics  
    Thursday 22nd February 2018 Dr Lowell Ling When should we use NIV?  
    Thursday 1st March 2018 Dr David Ng Pending  
    Thursday 8th March 2018 Dr Duncan Lam Airway SALAD  
    Thursday 15th March 2018 Dr Jason Cheung Psychiatric toxicity + General & specific treatment  
    Thursday 22nd March 2018 Dr Jacqueline So Intravenous fluid use in ICU  
    Thursday 8th April 2018 Dr Vincent Lau Inhaled antibiotics  
    Thursday 12th April 2018 Dr SK Tong Steroid in Septic shock  
    Friday 13th April 2018 Dr HY So Workplace Based Assessment  
    Thursday 19th April 2018 Dr Raymond Chu Burn  
    Thursday 26th April 2018 Dr Winnie Wan Haemostatic (Resuscitation in Trauma)  
    Thursday  3rd May 2018 Dr KM Chan Cancelled  
    Thursday 10th May 2018 Dr WT Wong Severe influenza in ICU  
    Thursday 17th May 2018 Dr Gordon Choi ?  
    Thursday 24th May 2018 Dr Gordon Choi Microbiology Joint Meeting  
    Thursday 31th May 2018 Prof Charles Gomersall Do ICU nursing workloads-staff ratio and outcome  
    Thursday 7th June 2018 Dr Sunny Yip Choices of resuscitation fluid in critically ill  
    Thursday 8th June 2018 Dr Florence Yap Patient blood management  
    Thursday 14th June 2018 Dr SK Tong Angiodewa  
    Thursday 21st June 2018 Dr Florence Yap Already presented on 8 June  
    Friday 22nd June 2018 Dr David Ng The characteristics and risk - adjusted outcome of patients receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in a tertiary intensive care unit in HK  
    Thursday 5th July 2018 Dr Lowell Ling POCT Sodium Audit  
    Thursday 12th July 2018 Dr Benjamin Siu Emergening Infections  
    Friday 20th July 2018 Dr HY So Postponed to 7 Sept  
    Thursday 2nd August 2018 Dr Chris Lee Hgizonatueruia  
    Friday 3rd August 2018 Dr Benjamin Siu Adrenaline in OHCA  
    Thursday 9th August 2018 Dr Kevin De Asis CMV reactivation in immunocompetent patient  
    Thursday 16th August 2018 Dr Duncan Lam Tucechitastary (due NTEC guideline)  
    Thursday 23rd August 2018 Dr Alex Li Encephalitis Review  
    Thursday 30th August 2018 Dr Edwin Lau Critical care illness poly neuro nyoportly  
    Thursday 20th September  2018 Dr Polly Fung Sedation in common procedures  
    Thursday 4th October 2018 Dr LT Ho Eyes in ICU  
    Thursday 11th October 2018 Prof. Charles Gomersall Difficult to Wean  
    Thursday 18th October 2018 Dr Florence Yap Emerging neocolonial fungal infection  
    Friday 26th October 2018 Dr Wang Ki Radiology meeting  
    Thursday 1st November 2018 Dr Gordon Choi Early mobilization program  
    Thursday 8th November 2018 Dr Raymond Chu Chemical warfare  
    Thursday 15th November 2018 Dr Sunny Yip Cooling regime  
    Thursday 22nd November 2018 Dr SK Tong Treatment for Ischemic stoke  
    Thursday 29th November 2018 Dr Lowell Ling Let's talk Calories  
    Friday 7th December 2018 Dr Lowell Ling Journal club (High trail)  
    Thursday 13th December 2018 Dr Gary Yang Hematology emergencies  
    Thursday 20th December 2018 Dr WT Wong Tuberculosis in ICU  
    Thursday 27th December 2018 Dr Benjamin Siu Haemodynamic monitoring  
    Friday 11th January 2019 Dr HY So Evaluation of FHICCACIC Curvedly  
    Thursday 17th January 2019 Dr David Ng Heparin induced thrombocytopenic  
    Thursday 24th January 2019 Dr Winnie Wan SCCM Clinical guideline PARIS, 2018 highlight  
    Friday 25th January 2019 Dr Wang Ki Radiology Meeting  
    Thursday 31st January 2019 Prof Gavin Joynt Don't talk to me about spontaneous breathing  
    Thursday 14th February 2019 Dr Katy Li Maternal physiology  
    Friday 22nd February 2019 Dr Wang Ki Radiology meeting  
    Thursday 28th February 2019 Dr Edwin Lau BP measurement in ICU  
    Thursday 7th March 2019 Dr SK Tong Thyroid storm in intensive structure  
    Thursday 14th March 2019 Prof. Charles Gomersall Coma  
    Thursday 21st March 2019 Dr Gordon Choi Adjunctive intermittent pneumatic device for renius thronbooeinholism?  
    Thursday 28th March 2019 Dr Florence Yap Presents from Brussels  
    Thursday 4th April 2019 Dr Gary Yang Delayed sequence Inductoin  
    Thursday 11th April 2019 Dr Chris Lee Pharmacokinetics of the Critical ill  
    Thursday 18th April 2019 Prof Eddy Fan Extracorporeal VAD for acute heard failure and patient management  
    Thursday 25th April 2019 Dr Sunny Yip Pending  
    Friday 26th April 2019 Dr Wang Ki Radiology meeting  
    Thursday 2nd May 2019 Dr Lowell Ling Source Control: A gospel  
    Thursday 9th May 2019 Dr Duncan Lam Stop the bleed...How?  
    Friday 10th May 2019 Dr Edwin Lau COACT-Trial  
    Thursday 17th May 2019 Dr WT Wong ?  
    Thursday 23rd May 2019 Dr Alex P ?  
    Thursday 30th May 2019 Dr Carmen Fong ?  
    Thursday 6th June 2019 Dr Raymond Chu TB meningiHS  
    Thursday 13th June 2019 Dr Christina So ?  
    Thursday 20th June 2019 Dr David Ng Restart tial  
    Thursday 27th June 2019 Dr Anna Fung Obstetric in ICU  
    Friday 28th June 2019 Dr Wang Ki Radiology meeting  
    Thursday 4th July 2019 Dr Gordon Choi Citrate - 18/0 protocol  
    Thursday 11th July 2019 Prof Gavin Joynt Enough is enough - The appropriate duration of Antibiotic therapy  
    Thursday 18th July 2019 Dr Joey Wai Challenges in Critical Care of patient with Wegener's Granulomatosis  
    Thursday 25th July 2019 Dr Benjamin Siu Pending  
    Thursday 1st August 2019 Dr Winnie Wan ICU rehab and nutrition round  
    Thursday 8th August 2019 Dr Florence Yap Comfort & PTSD after ICU  
    Thursday 15th August 2019 Dr Lowell Ling ID consultation in Critical care  
    Thursday 22nd August 2019 Prof Gomersall Looking for source of sepsis  
    Thursday 29th August 2019 Dr Samantha Ho ICU delirium  
    Friday 30th August 2019 Dr Wang Ki Radiology meeting  
    Thursday 5th September 2019 Dr Sunny Yip PCP in ICU  
    Thursday 12th September 2019 Dr Stephanie Mak Ventilation for obese patient  
    Friday 13th September 2019 Dr Alex Li Ultrasound directed catheter directed thrombosis  
    Thursday 19th September 2019 Dr Katy Li Neb NAC/heparin for inhalational injury  
    Thursday 26th September 2019 Dr Duncan Lam Japing Induced lung injury  
    Thursday 3rd October 2019 Dr Christina So Ketamine use in Intensive Care  
    Thursday 10th October 2019 Dr David Ng TTM  
    Thursday 17th October 2019 Dr Gary Yang Cirrhosis CCaguopatins TEG  
    Friday 18th October 2019 Dr Winnie Wan Nutrition support in ECMO  
    Thursday 24th October 2019 Dr WT Wong How to use a PE?  
    Friday 25th October 2019 Dr Wang Ki Radiology meeting  
    Thursday 31st October 2019 Dr Christopher Lee Ketogentic diet for SRSE  
    Thursday 7th November 2019 Dr Alexendra P Vape and resp disease  
    Friday 8th November 2019 Dr Jason Cheung Journal club - CRASA-3 trial  
    Thursday 14th November 2019 Dr Gavin Joynt ICU Governance  
    Thursday 21st November 2019 Dr Benjamin Siu Clostridium difficult  
    Thursday 28th November 2019 Dr Beatrice Lai HBOT  
    Friday 29th November 2019 Dr Wang Ki Radiology meeting  
    Thursday 5th December 2019 Dr Winnie Wan Overview of major Burns  
    Friday 6th December 2019 Dr Christina So Journal Club  
    Thursday 12th December 2019 Dr Florence Yap Malnutrition in Critically ill  
    Thursday 19th December 2019 Dr Jason Cheung ACLS 2019 update  
    Friday 27th December 2019 Dr Wang Ki Radiology meeting  
    Thursday 2nd January 2020 Dr Lowell Ling Application of gene expression in Prediction of sexuality lecture in Sepsis   
    Thursday 9th January 2020 Prof. Charles Gomersall Pending  
    Thursday 17th January 2020 Dr Wang Ki Radiology meeting  
    Thursday 23rd January 2020 Dr KM Chan Severe Respiratory Disease dissociated with a Noral infections agent  
    Thursday 24th January 2020 Dr Jason Cheung Journal club: IVC fillies in severely injured patient  
    Thursday 30th January 2020 Dr Gordon Choi Pending  
    Friday 31st January 2020 Dr Sunny Yip Infection control in ICU  
    Thursday 6th February 2020 Dr Duncan Lam Varicella infection in ICU  
    Thursday 13th February 2020 Dr Samantha Ho Pending  
    Thursday 27th February 2020 Dr Raymond Chu PCP prevention  
    Thursday 5th March 2020 Dr David Ng Dexamethasone in ARDS  
    Thursday 12th March 2020 Prof WT Wong Brain Death: How should we explain to the family  
    Thursday 19th March 2020 Dr Karen Tsang How much oxygen should we give  
    Thursday 26th March 2020 Dr Gary Yang Ketamine use in critically ill  
    Thursday 2nd April 2020 Dr PF Chan Transesophageal Echocardiography in Critical Care  
    Thursday 9th April 2020 Dr Lily Chan Lung and Diaphragm-Protective Ventilation by Patient Respiratory Monitoring  
    Thursday 16th April 2020 Dr. Esther Cham (NDH) Survival of the Fittest  
    Thursday 23rd April 2020 Prof. Gavin Joynt Admission triage in ICU (COVID-19)  
    Thursday 7th May 2020 Prof. Charles Gomersall Weaning – ICU (ICU is bad for you)  
    Thursday 14th May 2020 Dr. Lowell Ling 60 the new 65  
    Thursday 21st May 2020 Dr. SK Tong Tetrodotoxin Poisoning  
    Thursday 28th May 2020 Dr. Edwin Lau Oxygen – Review (What is the oxygen target?)  
    Friday 29th May 2020 Dr. Karen Tsang (Journal club) Crash-3 Trial  
    Thursday 4th Jun 2020 Dr. Sunny Yip Household Disinfectants for Coronavirus  
    Friday 12th Jun 2020 Dr. Jason Cheung Fibrinogen Concentrate in Major Trauma  
    Thursday 18th Jun 2020 Dr. CK Leung Use of Nebulized Antibiotics in ICU  
    Friday 26 Jun 2020 Dr. Wang Ki Radiology Meeting  
    Thursday 2nd Jul 2020 Dr. Thomas Li An Uncommon Cause of Cardiac Arrest  
    Thursday 9th Jul 2020 Dr. Winnie Wan Awake Prone Ventilation  
    Thursday 16th Jul 2020 Dr. Florence Yap Chaotic Cultivated Illness and PICS  
    Thursday 23th Jul 2020 Dr. Dominic Yu ARDS Subtypes  
    Thursday 30th Jul 2020 Dr. Raymond Chu Medications for COVID  
    Thursday 6th Aug 2020 Dr. Esther Cham Eat. Play. Sleep. Repeat.  
    Thursday 14th Aug 2020 Dr. Duncan Lam Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis in Critically Ill Patients  
    Thursday 20th Aug 2020 Dr. Benjamin Siu Using Machine Learning to Predict Need for Intubation in Critically Ill Patients  
    Thursday 27th Aug 2020 Dr. Johnathan Cheung Point of Care USG  

    *=HKCA(IC) centrally organized training program

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