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2009 conference lectures

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Asian Intensive Care: coming of age

  • This 2 day international Intensive Care conference aimed at specialists in Intensive Care was held in Hong Kong in December 2009
  • A selection of the conference presentations can be viewed by clicking on the links below (slides are accompanied by narration)

Asian Intensive Care: where are we now and where are we going?

A view from Hong Kong. Prof G Joynt

A view from India. Dr S Prayag

A view from China. Prof Du Bin


Acute heart failure is an inflammatory condition Prof A McLean

Cardio-renal syndrome Prof C Ronco

Echo in the management of PE Prof A McLean

Non-invasive cardiac output measurement Dr P Amin


Australasian ICU training. Dr R Freebairn

Bedside teaching: how to do it. Dr R Boots

Infection & antimicrobials

Acinetobacter - what are the options. Prof J Lipman

Dengue. Dr P Amin

Malaria. Dr S Prayag

Understanding PK/PD relationships of antibiotics. Prof J Lipman


Intra-abdominal pressure. Prof G Joynt


Subarachnoid haemorrhage. Dr G Wong


Advances in critical care radiology. Dr KT Wong


CRRT dosing: new data, new perspectives Prof C Ronco

Drug dosing in patients on CRRT Dr G Choi

Epidemiology and classification of acute kidney injury Prof C Ronco

RRT in AKI: when, how and how much? Prof C Ronco


Anti-inflammatory therapy in ARDS. Prof Y Koh

Dysynchrony. Dr A Li

High frequency ventilation. Prof A Slutsky

Mechanisms of ventilator induced lung injury. Prof A Slutsky

Multiorgan failure & the lung. Prof A Slutsky


NIV: clinical decision making. Dr S Prayag

Spontaneous breathing in ARDS. Dr R Freebairn

Titrating PEEP. Dr D Talmor


Early goal directed therapy: do we need more evidence? Dr S Webb


Sepsis in India Dr S Todi

Steroids in patients with sepsis Prof R Moreno


Does ICU alter outcome? Prof C Graham

Sichuan earthquake. Prof Du Bin

Conference sponsors


  • Astellas
  • Astra Zeneca
  • Dräger Medical
  • Gambro
  • Hospira
  • Maquet
  • Phillips
  • Wyeth


  • Janssen
  • Olympus
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Pacific Medical
  • Pfizer

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